Wild Duck Games logoPreface: It is an update that has been long overdue. Originally intended to be released back in September, but the downtime of the main website has prevented me from releasing it. While I am spending what little time I have for developing on the next major update v0.40 (and the creation of my own future label Wild Duck Games), it has become doubtful if v0.35 will ever get released. But given the fact that even without the online integration parts there are some nice tweaks and fixes in it, I decided to release it anyway - without the online integration for now, which could become an additional v0.36 - depending on when the main site is back and how much work is left on v0.40 by then.

The next major release v0.40, which I am currently working on, will see a move from the current game engine (written in Dark Basic Pro) to the much newer, more powerful and more flexible engine Unity3D. A screenshot of the editor gone Unity was recently posted on Facebook and other sites. Since this engine move requires me to rewrite some parts of the game and "translate" others , there won't be any more major changes to the Dark Basic Pro version (0.3x), as I would just need to do the same work on v0.40 again.

There is still a lot of work ahead of me before v0.40 becomes available and as always the amount of time until it's completion relies heavily on the amount of budget I have for getting some more spare time. There are options coming up for those of you who wish to support me in this endeavor, so please check back to the Facebook site, the websiteIndieDB or the new twitter feed soon and continue to share these sites as well as the still ongoing Steam Greenlight campaign. Everything can help to keep the development going.
The website and the Inner Circle program will also both return once v0.40 gets closer to completion.

But now to the changes:

 The new game end screen

New Features

While the online integration has been removed for now, the new game end screen is still here. The game will now count your awards, keep track of your company value and your best selling cars and present you with an overview if you make it to the end of the game without going bankrupt. The screen will also show you your stats when you made it through the demo version (see the screenshot above).


Other Changes

  • The game now calculates "Company Value" each month based on cash on hand, savings account minus credit taken plus the upgrade values of all the factories and the values of your entire stock
  • The company value for the current month is now calculated for older games upon loading, however the data for the time played before the update will not be shown
  • The available credit line is now the same as company value
  • Added the company value to the financial overview, both in text and in the graph
  • Building and selling a car in the same region will now give you a small amount of image in that region each month
  • It is now possible to start the game with a simple prototype already developed (full game only)
  • Rightclicking on the + or - of an adjuster will now set the value to max or min immediately
  • Rearranged options menu
  • You can now circle between several adjusters for the same value in a list using the tab key (eg. the workers in your factory lines)
  • The quality setting for factory lanes is now visible even when the factory is empty and is being remembered when you close a line
  • 2nd and 3rd generation AI cars will now be named with their type of car and the year of the car
  • Set weblinks to Wild Duck site
  • Startyear selection is now a 4 character number
  • Adjusted the font size for the top 5 best selling cars slightly


Fixed bugs

  •  Fixed a problem causing softtops to go over the doors on 2 seated gen 1 cars
  •  Fixed a couple of typos
  •  Fixed a bug that could cause the Company Image in areas where a car was locally built to drop to 0
  •  Fixed a problem with very high or low values (over +/- 2 billion) in graphs
  •  Gamedata is now preserved on game end screen
  •  Clipboard will now be cleaned when something is pasted into an input field to prevent repeated pasting
  •  Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause a car to go into pitstop when the race starts
  •  Fixed a bug that caused the welcome message to be dated to 1895 regardless of the actual start year
  •  Fixed a bug that caused sale lines to forget the company shortname of a prototype when it's name was changed
  •  Pointing the mouse at the border of the game window will now show the system mouse pointer again when window scaling is enabled



  • New script command labelcolor allows to change the color of the previously created label
  • New variables "$companyliquidity", "$companypartraces", ""$companywonsales1-3", "$companywontech1-3", "$companywonraces1-3" and "$companypartraces"
  • New variables "$topseller_year" and "$topadv_year" return the introduction years of award wining cars
  • Graphic "$chart_value_" will generate a chart of the company value over the entire game time
  • The new command "inputispassword" in scripts will cause an input field to display asterisks instead of their content
  • "adjustnodelimiter" will cause an adjuster to give out it's numbers with no 1000-delimiter (e.g. 1000 instead of 1,000)


As always the update is already available for download. However with the main page still down the auto updater will NOT see the update, so you will have to update manually.

The Best Of The Best

PlayerCompany Value
1. Rudi$ 286,278,214,380
2. Roses$ 62,811,646,794
3. Copras$ 49,869,418,329
4. xandro_gm$ 46,919,298,334
5. Thomas74Kr$ 16,665,685,341
6. YY$ 13,159,373,764
7. gustavoeo$ 9,489,500,092
8. chrismcc44$ 7,902,671,789
9. ChrisLind$ 7,154,171,307
10. veit1986$ 2,335,290,072