v0.36, Windows, 32/64 bit, English/German

Cars Incorporated is a tycoon game all about automotive engineering. Dream, build and sell your own cars and become an important part in the century-long history of the automobile! Try the free demo now.


Design your very own vehicles with the integrated body-editor. By moving the corner points you can create individual car shapes, determine the type of your car and enhance it's features.
Develop the newest technologies to get ahead of your competition. Or improve your old ones to stay ahead of them. It's your call!
Compete for awards and prize money in yearly awards and simulated races on 24 tracks and variants. Will your creation outperform the competition or spend most of it's time refueling at the pit-stop?
Build the best cars in their classes and conquer the market on all six continents. Become the greatest Car-Manufacturer of all times!


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Cars Incorporated is available for download as an Early Access title. This means that the game is still in development. Updates may take a while in between as there is no budget backing this project and it has to be done in my spare time. Long pauses do not mean the project is dead - it has been in development since 2010 and is continuing to be so.

Preorder now and get the game and full access to the early access releases for just 9,98 € 19,98 €.

The Best Of The Best

PlayerCompany Value
1. Rudi$ 286,278,214,380
2. Roses$ 62,811,646,794
3. Copras$ 49,869,418,329
4. xandro_gm$ 46,919,298,334
5. Thomas74Kr$ 16,665,685,341
6. YY$ 13,159,373,764
7. gustavoeo$ 9,489,500,092
8. chrismcc44$ 7,902,671,789
9. ChrisLind$ 7,154,171,307
10. veit1986$ 2,335,290,072